In this repository we will collect tools, hints, tricks, snippet of codes and links useful for the beam-beam and luminosity studies (bblumi). It is python oriented.

We would like to share with you our working flow and to hear from you about yours.

We organized the site in five sections:

  • How-tos: examples on how to use the tools. This is the key section of the site, where we will describe simple use case to share the user experience.
  • Utilies and tricks: suggestions and utilities to improve your working flow and productivity.
  • Tools: a list of tools and links with a short description. An extended list of codes can be found at the ABP-CWG web site.
  • Links: a collection of web-sites where the bblumi information are circulated.
  • On-the-spot: we will collect there, on weekly basis, article of general interest in the Accelerator Physics domain.

We suggest to use the site Search functionalities to look for a specific keyword.

Share your tools, tricks and how-tos with us.

The platform is based on mkdocs + gitlab. To edit this site just click the pencil symbol at the top-right.