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Beam-beam and luminosity meetings

On Indico:

Luminosity follow-up meetings

On Indico:

Clarification of general MAD-X concepts

On this page, we try to describe the different concepts used in MAD-X to describe the beams, the optics, the tracking... In different situations.

Mask for LHC and HL-LHC

On this, you have the LHC and HL-LHC mask documentation.

Noise studies on LHC and HL-LHC

In this repository we collect the table of the possible known noise source for LHC and HL-LHC.

HSI Section meeting

On Indico:

ABP Information meeting

On Indico:

BE department web-page

EPFL and machine learning

On Indico:

LHC Machine Committee Meeting (LMC)

LHC Injectors and Experimental Facilities Committee (IEFC)

On Indico:

Facilities Operation Meeting (FOM)

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Lumi days

On Indico:

LHC Programme Coordination

Website of the LHC programme coordination here

Luminosity calibration

Section on luminosity calibration on the LHC programme coordination website here

Accelerator Schools and MOOCs

CERN Accelerator schools

Joint Universities Accelerator schools

US Particle Accelerator School

Nordic Particle Accelerator Project

For the CAS Introduction to Accelerator Physics (Budapest, 2016) videos are available on INDICO.

ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel and Newsletters

Website of the ICFA

Scripting tools

This is a collections of scripting tools in the BE-CO wiki page (accessible from the GPN and TN)

High Energy Magazines

CERN Courier

Symmetry Magazine

Jobs Opportunities

CERN Courier Jobs

ESI and JUAS regularly receive and post information on career opportunities in the field of particle accelerators.