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On this page wee collect the tools we are using in our working flow.


(Py)thon (Co)llective (M)acro-(P)article Simulation (L)ibrary with (E)xtendible (T)racking (E)lements


This is a python package used as wrapper for the JAVA API of the CERN Accelerator Logging System.

Please note that the NXCALS interface is being prepared.


This is a python package used as wrapper for pytimber and exporting data in pandas dataframes.

The master version is compatible with Py2 but we suggest to use the branch "py3" (compatible with Py3).


cpymad is a Cython binding to MAD-X for giving full control and access to a MAD-X interpreter within the python environment.

This version of cpymad should be built against MAD-X. It can be installed on linux, Windows and Mac. Python 3 is recommended but not (yet) required.


PyJapc is a Python to FESA/LSA/INCA interface via JAPC.


A Python wrapping of LSA API.


A Python module that implements the Numerical Analysis of Fundamental Frequencies method of J. Laskar.


A first attempt to make the TRAIN program scriptable from Python. Needs TRAIN from to run.


pyHTC is a python package provides a more convenient environment for the submission of multiple jobs to the HTCondor cluster system used at CERN.