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Technical readings during COVID-19 confinement

I found very interesting the O'Reilly collection offered by CERN:

A New Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics?

Stephen Wolfran just released this article on his website, claiming he might have found a theory that would unify all the laws of physics. The article is available here.

Accounting for the Higgs

"I’ll let you in on a little secret: Even though physicists have produced millions of Higgs bosons at the Large Hadron Collider, they’ve never actually seen one." More on

Unexpected Basic Maths Discovery from Neutrinos

Three physicists were studying neutrinos changes while they discover a new relation between eigenvectors and eigenvalues. The article about their story can be found here and the resulting publication can be found here

A Call for Courage as Physicists Confront Collider Dilemma

Carlo Rubbia, leader of the bold collider experiment that in 1983 discovered the W and Z bosons, thinks particle physicists should now smash muons together in an innovative “Higgs factory.” Read here

Briefing book for 2020 update of European Strategy for Particle Physics

The newly published book distils inputs from Europe’s particle physics community (link). Have a look to here, in particular to Chapter 10 about Accelerator Science and Technology.

Following the HL-LHC Satellite Meeting about the Wire Compensation

Not in Chicago for the HL-LHC Annual Meeting? You can still participate to the Satellite meeting organized in Fermi Lab on the 17th of October 2019. From 15.30 to 23.30, the meeting will be accessible remotely from room 6/2-008. Click here for the Indico page of the event.

Contact the BB&Lumi Team for further information.

The Compact Linear Collider on Nature

Recent general public article on Nature from S. Stapnes.

Nature Reviews Physics, volume 1, pages 235–237 (2019)

ILC news: Not what we hoped...

At L. Evans shares with us his perspective.